I’m really guilty of complaining  about first world problems.

Everybody has those days. You wake up and something just feels… wrong. It rains as soon as you leave the house, and you get back a failing grade. Every person who tries to console you just seems annoying.

Then, there’s the glorious days. The ones where something amazing happens – something that lights up your life enough to dispel any inkling of sadness. Where you might as well be the luckiest man in the world.

And finally, there’s the bittersweet anomalies. The ones where your day goes on and on in a rollercoaster ride of distress and joy, confusion and pleasant surprises. Or where one unhappy event stains the rest a sad shade of blue.

Today was one of those days.

My life revolves around interviews, lately. Had a shaky interview, the fifth in three days. Got an offer from one company, and it’s brilliant; found out that I got into final round for another. Danced swing and tango and cross-step waltz. Biked through pouring rain and wavery sun to brave the gym, and felt great — only to encounter disappointment on the way back – a rejection.

And with that, a cloud of gloom brought my happiness to a screeching halt.

But how do you recover?

Sometimes, it’s just a little of the things you love. A cup of hot tea. An hour or two with color and design. A bear hug.

And, of course, a belief that things will get better. They always will, if you put your mind to it.



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